Welcome to SUK Airlines!

Introduce our airlines


Free Flight

If you want to make an unlisted flight, you can ask the manager to add a flight. That's the charm of free flight! Also, when you reach level 3, you can charter fly.



We collaborated by FSAirlines, so if you flight our airlines, you have to register FSAirlines. 



Although our airlines very small, but you can get many benifits.


ex) FSAirlines money

Our Staff

If you want to contact, you can see our staff information

SUK ceo

Jiseok Kim

Email : sukairlinesceo@gmail.com

suk A ceo

DongUk Kim

Email : sukairline@gmail.com

Our Support

If you want to help our airlines, you can choice list of service.

Transfer Aircraft

Make the Routes of flight

Fixed Aircraft

Time attack

All aircraft Transfer to Home airport

Order to Aircraft you want to get

This service is Free

FSAirlines money

Discord Service